Outdoor Training Sessions

Why Train With Us?

Whether newly pregnant, recently had a baby, or perhaps looking for a fitness activity whilst the kids are at school, Bub & Beyond Fitness offers outdoor fitness sessions for every body!

Combining cardio with resistance training and pregnancy specific core stabilisation exercises, our specialised pre and post natal trainers can assist you in achieving a healthy, strong and fit pregnancy or get you back into shape postpartum.


Sam has a warm and easy manner that lulls you into a false sense of security. My initial assumption was that having a Personal Trainer who was a woman, a mother, and a great chick would mean we’d do a few easy lunges with the odd star-jump whilst having a bit of a girly chat. How wrong I was!


I found myself skipping, jumping onto park benches and performing gut-crunching moves with fitballs. Oh there was plenty of chatting but it was all from Sam as I was way too breathless to respond. As a regular runner I thought I was pretty fit. Whilst my leg muscles were reasonably strong, Sam showed me my core, upper body, and stabilising muscles had much to learn. And learn they did!


Within two sessions I was finding extra muscle strength, improved body definition, and the ability to squeeze out a word or two without passing out!


Training with Sam helped me get into shape after having two children. She made returning to training fun and something to look forward to. A year later I’m still using the techniques she taught me and am so thankful!!


Sam, Great session this morning, red faced and sore at the end, perfect!



Sam, thought of you just now…yes it’s 11pm and I’m still up!! Just finished baking another slice for the family AND a banana cake. As I wait, I’m doing my ab work…yah me!!      I just need to not eat any of the baking to make my late night effort all worth it ;)